I can't wait for the next season of Game of Thrones

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wild does not begin to explain it...🍿🍿

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News so unbelievably loud that it fills Reddit, my Twitter feed, and my email, and so impactful that, a normally long-form publication, posts a screenshot of a Twitter post as a post in the newsletter.

A powerful sense of information overload at the relentless release of new significant news where if I'm gone for even 2 hours there will probably be some new news I care about.

These developments are just nuts. Feels somewhat like what I might imagine an intelligence explosion would feel like – though to be honest I imagine in that case things would be even crazier by at least an order of magnitude and all this would feel quaint.

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Classic case of a company in freefall. Not sure they'll ever recover from the reputational damage.

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We know you're not making this up Gary. You're not ChatGPT. :)

p.s. I doubt even a hallucinating chat bot could make THIS up though...

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This is starting to resemble the Great Papal Schism of 1378...

But according to The Verge, Altman renovatur has fallen through. And now Murati is out.


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Nov 20·edited Nov 20

Marx Brothers Sanity Clause https://youtu.be/dbUDSxJFsDA?si=Mt48zUrKvwbJJeh-

Here's a transcription of the dialog: https://www.marx-brothers.org/whyaduck/info/movies/scenes/contract.htm

Driftwood: Alright fine. (Takes out contracts, hands one to Fiorello.) Now here are the contracts. You just put his name at the top and you sign at the bottom. (Fiorello looks the paperwork up and down.) There's no need of reading that because these are duplicates.

Fiorello: Yeah...Isa duplicate...Duplicates ah? (Looking senselessly.)

Driftwood: I say they're duplicates!

Fiorello: Oh sure. It'sa duplicates.

Driftwood: Don't you know what duplicates are?

Fiorello: Sure, those five kids up in Canada.

Driftwood: (Looking at Fiorello/audience.) Well I wouldn't know about that. I haven't been in Canada in years. (Pointing to Fiorello's contract.) Go ahead and read it!

Fiorello: (Running his hand over the paper.) What does it say?

Driftwood: Well go on and read it!

Fiorello: Alright, you read it.

Driftwood: Alright, I'll read it to you! Can you hear?

Fiorello: I haven't heard anything yet. Did you say anything?

Driftwood: Well I haven't said anything worth hearing.

Fiorello: Well, that's why I didn't hear anything.

Driftwood: Well, that's why I didn't say anything!

Fiorello: Can YOU read?!?

Driftwood: I can read but I can't see it. Don't seem to have it in focus here. (Moving the contract closer to and further from his face.) If my arms were a little longer I could read it...You haven't got a baboon in your pocket have you? Ah. Now I've got it. Now pay particular attention to this first section because it's most important. It says, "The party of the first part shall be known in this contract as the party of the first part." How do you like that? That's pretty neat, eh?

Fiorello: No. It's no good.

Driftwood: What's the matter with it?

Fiorello: I don't know, let's hear it again.

Driftwood: Says, "The party of the first part shall be known in this contract as the party of the first part."

Fiorello: Sounds a little better this time.

Driftwood: Well, it grows on you...Would you like to hear it once more?

Fiorello: Ah...Just the first part.

Driftwood: What do you mean, the party of the first part?

Fiorello: No. The first part of the party of the first part.

Driftwood: Alright it says the umm..."The first part of the party of the first part shall be known in this contract as the first part of the party of the first part, shall be known in this contract...LOOK...why should we quarrel about a thing like this. We'll take it right out eh? (Tears off sections of contract.)

Fiorello: Ha ha, it's too long anyhow! (rip rip) Now what do we got left?

Driftwood: Well, I've got about a foot and a half. Now it says, "The party of the second part shall be know in this contract as the party of the second part."

Fiorello: Well I don't know about that.

Driftwood: NOW what's the matter?

Fiorello: I don't like the second party either.

Driftwood: Well you should have been at the first party, we didn't get home till around four in the morning...I was blind for three days.

Fiorello: Ay...Look, why can't the first part of the second party be the second part of the first party? Thena you got something!

Driftwood: Well look...ah...Rather than go through all that again, what do you say? (Tears off another section.)

Fiorello: Fine.

Driftwood: Now...ah...Now I've got something here you're bound to like. You'll be crazy about it.

Fiorello: No, I don't like it.

Driftwood: You don't like what?

Fiorello: Whatever it is, I don't like it.

Driftwood: Well let's not break up an old friendship over a thing like that! Ready?

Fiorello: Okay. (rip) Now the next part I don't think you're gonna like.

Driftwood: Well your word's good enough for me...Now then, is my word good enough for you?

Fiorello: I should say not.

Driftwood: Well that takes out two more clauses. (rip) Now the party of the eighth part...

Fiorello: No. Nooo. (rip)

Driftwood: No? The party of the ninth...

Fiorello: No, that's no good too. (rip) Hey, how is it my contract is skinnier than yours?

Driftwood: I dunno, you musta been out on a tear last night. But anyhow we're all set now, aren't we?

Fiorello: Ah, sure.

Driftwood: Now just eh...(hands Fiorello a pen) Put your name right down there and then the deal is eh...Then the deal is legal.

Fiorello: Eh, I forgot to tell you. I can't write.

Driftwood: (shaking the pen) Well that's okay, there's no ink in the pen anyhow. But listen, it's a contract, isn't it?

Fiorello: Oh sure. You bet.

Driftwood: We've got a contract, no matter how small it is!

Fiorello: Hey wait, wait! What does this say here? This thing here?

Driftwood: Oh that. Oh that's the usual clause...that's in every contract. That just says...eh...it says...eh..."If any of the parties participating in this contract are shown not to be in their right mind, the entire agreement is automatically nullified."

Fiorello: Well, I don't know...

Driftwood: It's alright, that's in every contract! That's what they call a "sanity clause."

Fiorello: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...you can't fool me. There ain't no sanity clause!

Driftwood: (Giving up all hope of a successful conversation, takes off carnation and hands it to Fiorello.) Well you win the white carnation!

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