This part seems to merit a repeating....

The Italian authority said, "OpenAI does not verify the age of users and exposes "minors to absolutely unsuitable answers compared to the their degree of development and self-awareness."

Let us observe how we all take it to be an obvious given that the information and powers made available to children should be tailored to take in to account their degree of maturity.

Next we might observe how we leap from that point of near universal common sense agreement, to a crazy theory that because we adults are more mature than children, we are therefore qualified to successfully manage any amount of knowledge and power delivered at any rate.

Just published this yesterday:

The Logic Failure At The Heart Of The Modern World


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Why would concern not naturally and obviously be over the training data set and other sources of info that ChatGPT could somehow crawl? What am I missing?

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Best way to get governments to regulate you is by not regulating yourself.

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They may end up lifting the ban in the near future once OpenAI has some data protection officer

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Who will be next after Italy?

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