Sitemap - 2022 - Marcus on AI

An epic AI Debate—and why everyone should be at least a little bit worried about AI going into 2023

Is ChatGPT Really a “Code Red” for Google Search?

What to Expect When You’re Expecting … GPT-4

AI's Jurassic Park moment

How come GPT can seem so brilliant one minute and so breathtakingly dumb the next?

What does Meta AI’s Diplomacy-winning Cicero Mean for AI?

Sentience and AI: A Dialog between Gary Marcus and Blake Lemoine

How come smart assistants have virtually no ability to converse, despite all the spectacular progress with large language models?

A Few Words About Bullshit

Bravo @ElonMusk for wanting Twitter to become the world’s “most accurate source of information”

What “game over” for the latest paradigm in AI might look like

5 myths about learning and innateness

Three baffling claims about AI and machine learning in four days, statistical errors in top journals, and claims from Yann LeCun that you should not believe.

DeepFakes versus Deep Understanding


Top 5 reasons Tesla’s Optimus announcement may turn out be a dud

How New are Yann LeCun’s “New” Ideas?

The New Sport of Misrepresenting AI Criticism

Form, function, and the giant gulf between drawing a picture and understanding the world

Did GoogleAI Just Snooker One of Silicon Valley’s Sharpest Minds?

What’s wrong with Google’s new robot project

Learning Language is Harder Than You Think

Three ideas from linguistics that everyone in AI should know

Poetry for Our AGI Times

Will Tesla ever “Solve” Full Self Driving?

Nonsense on Stilts

Does AI really need a paradigm shift?

What does it mean when an AI fails? A Reply to SlateStarCodex’s riff on Gary Marcus

Dear Elon Musk, here are five things you might want to consider about AGI

Horse rides astronaut

Noam Chomsky and GPT-3

The New Science of Alt Intelligence

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