Sitemap - 2023 - The Road to AI We Can Trust

AI risks, short-term and long—and what we need to do about them

Scientists, governments, and corporations urgently need to work together to mitigate AI risk

How China might crush the West in the race to AGI if we don’t up our regulatory game

Stop Treating AI Models Like People

GPT-5 and irrational exuberance

The first known chatbot associated death

I am not afraid of robots. I am afraid of people.

Italian ban on ChatGPT

The Open Letter Controversy

A temporary pause on training extra large language models

AI risk ≠ AGI risk

The Sparks of AGI? Or the End of Science?

This Week in AI Doublespeak

GPT-4’s successes, and GPT-4’s failures

Should we worry more about short-term AI risk or long-term AI risk?

Caricaturing Noam Chomsky

The long shadow of GPT

Don’t Look Up: The AI Edition

The threat of automated misinformation is only getting worse

Is it time to hit the pause button on AI?

Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

What did they know, and when did they know it? The Microsoft Bing edition.

Why *is* Bing so reckless?

David beats Go-liath

How Not to Test GPT-3

Smells a little bit like AI winter?

Two frightening things before breakfast

The rise and fall of Microsoft’s new Bing

What Google Should Really Be Worried About

Inside the Heart of ChatGPT’s Darkness

Oops! How Google bombed, while doing pretty much exactly the same thing as Microsoft did, with similar results

Some things @GaryMarcus might say

Happy Groundhog Day, The AI Edition

Gaslighting and reality in AI

The CNET Fake News Fiasco, Autopilot, and the Uncanny Cognitive Valley

AGI will not happen in your lifetime. Or will it?

24 Seriously Embarrassing Hours for AI

Scientists, please don’t let your chatbots grow up to be co-authors

Is Microsoft about to get the deal of the century? Or is Sam Altman unloading OpenAI at just the right time?

Large Language Models like ChatGPT say The Darnedest Things