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Things are about to get a lot worse for Generative AI

An artist fights back, and Midjourney has embarrassed themselves

Are social media and coordinated misinformation campaigns fomenting extremism?

Sorry, but FunSearch probably isn’t a milestone in scientific discovery

Meta’s Chief AI Officer is lying about the EU AI Act

Nope, the Turing Test has not been solved

It was always about trust

We interrupt this programming

The truth about Google’s amazing new demo

Hot take on Google’s Gemini and GPT-4

“Not consistently candid”

Give me compromise, or give me chaos

Critical national security questions should not be decided unilaterally by unelected tech leaders

Hinton vs LeCun vs Ng vs Tegmark vs O

AI versus The Clumsy Human Mind

About that OpenAI “breakthrough”

A Tale of Two Liars

Massive scoop

OpenAI is back in business

Top 5 reasons why OpenAI was probably never really worth $86 billion

Open letter to all EU leaders

Everybody’s out

I’m not making this up

“No one person should be trusted here.”

As the OpenAI World Turns: 4 vital questions

Firing Sam and then trying to bring him back is a hot mess.

What went down at OpenAI: A theory of the case

The biggest immediate lesson from the OpenAI meltdown

Sam Altman appears to have been pushed out

Has Sam Altman gone full Gary Marcus?

Crisis point in AI?

Rethinking “driverless cars”

Could Cruise be the Theranos of AI? And is there a dark secret at the core of the entire driverless car industry?

Where we are right now on open source and potential AI risk.

The UK AI Summit

First take on the White House Executive Order on AI

Why driverless cars might—or might not—be at the end of the road

A CERN for AI and the Global Governance of AI

Getting GPT to work with external tools is harder than you think

Hello, Multimodal Hallucinations

How long does AI hype take to die?

“Math is hard” — if you are an LLM – and why that matters

Reports of the birth of AGI are greatly exaggerated

What if GPT-5 didn’t meet expectations?

Two kinds of Techno-Optimism

Race, statistics, and the persistent cognitive limitations of DALL-E

What was 60 Minutes thinking, in that interview with Geoff Hinton?

Muddles about Models

Seven lies in four sentences

Top 5 reasons OpenAI is probably not worth 90 billion dollars

Elegant and powerful new result that seriously undermines large language models

Six months after the Pause letter, AI is still erratic — and still something we should still be deeply concerned about

Karen Bakker, 1971-2023

The dirty underbelly of AI

Doug Lenat, 1950-2023

Could we all be doomed, without ranked-choice voting?


The US and China want different things, right?

The Rise and Fall of ChatGPT?

Sentient AI: For the love of Darwin, let’s Stop to Think if We Should

No, Virginia, AGI is not imminent

Face it, self-driving cars still haven’t earned their stripes

Automatic Disinformation Threatens Democracy— and It’s Here

The Imminent Enshittification of the Internet

What exactly are the economics of AI?

What if Generative AI turned out to be a Dud?

Jumpstarting AI Governance

Two models of AI oversight - and how things could go deeply wrong

AI risks, short-term and long—and what we need to do about them

Scientists, governments, and corporations urgently need to work together to mitigate AI risk

How China might crush the West in the race to AGI if we don’t up our regulatory game

Stop Treating AI Models Like People

GPT-5 and irrational exuberance

The first known chatbot associated death

I am not afraid of robots. I am afraid of people.

Italian ban on ChatGPT

The Open Letter Controversy

A temporary pause on training extra large language models

AI risk ≠ AGI risk

The Sparks of AGI? Or the End of Science?

This Week in AI Doublespeak

GPT-4’s successes, and GPT-4’s failures

Should we worry more about short-term AI risk or long-term AI risk?

Caricaturing Noam Chomsky

The long shadow of GPT

Don’t Look Up: The AI Edition

The threat of automated misinformation is only getting worse

Is it time to hit the pause button on AI?

Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

What did they know, and when did they know it? The Microsoft Bing edition.

Why *is* Bing so reckless?

David beats Go-liath

How Not to Test GPT-3

Smells a little bit like AI winter?

Two frightening things before breakfast

The rise and fall of Microsoft’s new Bing

What Google Should Really Be Worried About

Inside the Heart of ChatGPT’s Darkness

Oops! How Google bombed, while doing pretty much exactly the same thing as Microsoft did, with similar results

Some things @GaryMarcus might say

Happy Groundhog Day, The AI Edition

Gaslighting and reality in AI

The CNET Fake News Fiasco, Autopilot, and the Uncanny Cognitive Valley

AGI will not happen in your lifetime. Or will it?

24 Seriously Embarrassing Hours for AI

Scientists, please don’t let your chatbots grow up to be co-authors

Is Microsoft about to get the deal of the century? Or is Sam Altman unloading OpenAI at just the right time?

Large Language Models like ChatGPT say The Darnedest Things